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B2F is an industry-recognized, eco- and human-friendly solution partner of choice thanks to its competitive edge in digital transformation, shaping the customer expectations, and maintaining their sustainable development. B2F has a corporate culture offering high added value, innovative and reliable services and solutions to both local and foreign customers, achieving its global targets via promoting the brand awareness.

B2F customizes Microsoft Dynamics and Power BI solutions – used by over 200 thousand businesses all over the world to manage their own business processes – to the requirements of companies in any size in Turkey. To this end, B2F provides fast and simple implementation, localization, resource support, version upgrade, process-specific development, long-term support and process consulting services. B2F translates its experience of over 17 years into the industrial solutions. In addition, B2F contributes in business excellence of the companies thanks to E-Transformation solution offerings (e-invoice, e-ledger, etc.).

Values of B2F

  • Customer-oriented
  • A perfectionist in its service and solution offerings
  • Respects the differences, stands against any forms of discrimination, and observes equal opportunity
  • A pioneer in innovation
  • Encourages rational, creative and critical thinking
  • Upholds and cherishes ethical values
  • A defender of fundamental rights and freedoms
  • Mindful and watchful of social responsibility and the nature
  • Upholds a strong and long-lasting relations with team members
  • Embraces its corporate legacy and committed to a sustainable and long-lasting corporate culture
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