As the invoices issued on paper medium are now also issued electronically, we are frequently hearing about e-archive application.  Let’s look at Electronic Archive, one of the E-Transformation applications closer.  Let’s answer “What is e-archive?”, “What is e-archive obligant?”, and explain the obligation to issue e-archive invoice, and e-archive software.  

What is E-Archive?

E-Archive Invoice is the e-transformation application which enables digital storage and submission of the duplicate copies of the e-invoices in accordance with requirements as set out in the Tax Procedures Act General Communique, as required by the Tax Procedures Act.  

Who is E-Archive Obligant?

Companies which are using E-Archive invoice application are called as e-archive obligant. 

Advantages of E-Archive

  • E-Archive invoice eliminates the physical invoicing process, meaning that it saves paper and is eco-friendly as no trees will be cut down.
  • Invoice can be issued not only to e-invoice obligants but also non-obligants.
  • It eliminates the various stationary costs such as printing, envelope, ink, etc. required for physical invoices.
  • It also reduces the costs arising from correcting mistakes, and enable faster corrections.
  • Employee cost is also minimized as digital transactions reduce the need for labor.
  • It speeds up the accounting processes, reduces the rate of errors, and improves the productivity of personnel.
  • It also enables savings in storage and retention costs of the physical archiving.

B2F E-Archive Application

With B2F e-archive application that can run integrated with ERP software such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Navision and AX, create, store and view your invoices at any time. With B2F e-archive solution, migrate your invoicing process to digital, ensure speed and efficiency in your payment and collection processes. Get rid of the cargo costs of your invoices, and reduce your costs.

Features of B2F E-Archive Solution

Widely Used

B2F E-Archive solution has been applied by many companies with success.

Integration Opportunities

It provides the infrastructure for direct integration with your B2B and B2C systems (e-commerce, portal applications).  System integration is maintained such as issuing accept/reject responses to incoming invoices, as well as procurement and then general accounting.


It allows to set the electronic or printed copy options, and deliver invoices via e-mail.

Familiar Screens

Since entire solution is designed on the Dynamics ERP, users work on the interface they are already familiar with, and does not require separate system/software/interface need/installation.

Update Support

B2F follows up new legislative and regulatory developments and updates the program regularly.


In the event of receipt of an e-archive, creation of new e-archive, or receipt of a response to e-archive, notifications are sent via internal/external (such as client/vendor) e-mail.

Integration with Work Flow and Time Saving

Incoming e-archive invoices are integrated to the approval/work flow process. Digital internal approval process saves speed, flexibility and time.

Capable of Handling Workloads

Without requiring special integrator, it is possible to create and print out e-archive invoice.

Obligation to Use E-Archive Invoice

  • All companies which are using E-Invoice, intermediary service providers, and internet advertising service intermediaries, and companies engaging in internet advertising are obliged to migrate to e-Archive Invoice Application by 01.01.2020.
  • Also, another important issue to note is that companies who have not migrated to e-Invoice and e-Archive applications must issue e-Archive Invoice when they issue 30,000 TRY or more of invoices, including taxes, to the same person or company within 1 day, or a total of TRY 5.000 or more of invoices within one day.

How to Apply For e-Archive?

Companies which must compulsorily migrate to, want to benefits from advantages of the e-Archive application, must first subscribe to e-Invoice application.

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