With the arrival of Digital Transformation, a large part of manual works of the businesses started to be performed electronically, accelerating the migration to the digital.  It has become inevitable for companies to use the e-transformation applications.  And e-ledger application as one of the e-transformation applications became a part of our daily lives.  Let’s start by the “what is e-ledger?” and then answer all questions you are curious about, such as “for whom e-ledger is mandatory“, “what are the benefits of e-ledger solution“.  If you want detailed information, you can contact us now. 

What is e-Ledger?

E-Ledger is a set of electronic records which encompasses the information that must be recorded in the ledgers that must be kept according to Tax Procedures Act and/or Turkish Commercial Code, excluding the provisions relating to the form. Arising from the need for a faster and organized audit, e-Ledger is a system where legally mandatory journal and general ledgers are kept electronically and abstracts are delivered to ministry of finance via electronic signature.  E-ledger records are created in a standardized .xml format, and companies using e-ledger must obtain closing approval for the ledgers they issued in paper medium, therefore, they cannot keep physical ledger.


Companies which use e-ledger application are therefore called e-ledger taxpayer. 


Advantages of E-Ledger

  • The time spent for creation of the physical journal and general ledger are at the minimum levels with e-Ledger application. It helps staff use their time more productively and efficiently.
  • Employee cost is also minimized as digital transactions reduce the need for labor.
  • With E-Ledger application, regular amounts periodically paid for attestation and printing of the ledgers. It also eliminates the costs of notary attestation and print-out.
  • It also reduces the costs arising from correcting mistakes.
  • Since document standards are in the international format with E-Ledger, it brings convenience in terms of working, order and compliance principles.
  • E-ledger eliminates the physical book-keeping requirements, meaning that it saves paper and is eco-friendly.
  • You will save archive costs, namely space and time costs required for storage of the ledgers as E-Ledger application performs archiving electronically.

B2F E-Ledger Application

With B2F e-ledger application that can run integrated with ERP software such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Navision and AX, create, store and view your ledgers at any time. Migrate your journal and general ledger process to digital with B2F e-ledger solution and leverage speed and efficiency in your processes.

Features of B2F E-Ledger Solution

Widely Used

B2F E-Ledger solution has been applied by many companies with success.

Legal Compliance

Fully Complies with standards of Revenue Administration. Creation, storage and archiving of Journal and General Ledger and their abstract files. 

Update Support

B2F follows up new legislative and regulatory developments and updates the program regularly.

Familiar Screens

Since entire solution is designed on the Dynamics ERP, users work on the interface they are already familiar with, and does not require separate system/software/interface need/installation.

Obligation to Keep E-Ledger

  • Companies which migrate to e-invoice and e-archive invoice on 1 July 2020 must compulsorily migrate to e-ledger application by 1 January 2021.
  • Companies which have been not e-ledger obligation until said date must use e-ledger program since turnover limit is defined as TRY 5,000,000 with the applicable e-transformation communiques. If you have migrated to e-invoice or e-archive voluntarily, not due to obligation, you are not required to migrate to e-ledger. Also, you can optionally use e-ledger solution.

How to Apply For E-Ledger?

Application for E-Ledger can be made by filling in application form and letter of undertaking only digitally at the address of www.edefter.gov.tr.  Legal persons must use their own financial seal in their applications for e-ledger. Natural persons must use their own financial seal or Qualified Electronic Signature in their applications for e-ledger.

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