In this century that will be called as the age of Digital Transformation, characterized by the fast change thanks to the technological development, online platforms has become essential tools to access information quicker and easier. What is Digital Transformation? To begin with, let’s explain this concept in broad strokes. Digital transformation means integration of digital technology to all areas of a business, revolutionizing your way of doing business, and a cultural change that adds value to your business and clients. As one of key concepts of the digital transformation, “going mobile” that meets our desire to learn even on the go has become embedded in our daily lives. And e-transformation solutions have stepped in to meet all these needs. Then, let’s answer the question of what is e-transformation. 

What is E-Transformation?

E-transformation can be defined as an approach that enables access to information in certain areas over digital transformation platform applications as a faster, more flexible and easier way as well as more eco-friendly way thanks to savings in paper. E-transformation is also an umbrella term given by Revenue Administration of Ministry of Finance of Turkey to the digital transformation applications such as e-Invoice, e-Archive, e-Ledger and e-Delivery Note.  In the recent years these applications have become a government policy, and therefore a legal requirement for both public and private industry as a result of legislative regulations.

B2F E-Transformation Applications

With e-transformation solutions developed by our team, you can use Microsoft Dynamics ERP programs, Business Central and Navision in accordance with Turkish legislation.  Take a glance at our contents for further information. 


E-Invoice is an electronic document standardized in a certain format, sealed in an unalterable manner, ensuring security, time and cost savings between seller and buyer. E-Invoice has the same legal validity as paper invoice.

E-Archive Invoice

E-Archive Invoice is a practice which enable invoice, which must be issued, retained and submitted in paper medium pursuant to Tax Procedures Act, to be issued electronically as well as retention and submission of the duplicate copy of the invoice electronically in accordance with the requirements of Tax Procedures Act General Communique, Item No 433.


E-Ledger is a set of records which encompasses the information that must be recorded in the ledgers that must be kept according to Tax Procedures Act and Turkish Commercial Code, excluding the provisions relating to the form.

E-Delivery Note

E-Delivery Note is the digital counterpart of the physical delivery notes having the same legal characters and validity as the delivery notes issued on paper.


E-Reconciliation is a solution which enable reconciliation between clients, vendors current accounts and BA and BS of companies over Internet/e-mail, reporting the results directly over Dynamics ERP system. It is a solution not legally required but significantly speeding up the operational processes.

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