Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning

Production is insufficient in our world where global competition is becoming harsher every day.  Importance of data management is evidently seen in every industry and area.  This clearly reflects the need for drastic change in conventional production methods, as well as service provision modes.  And with the emphasis on the inevitability of the change, the concept of digital transformation becomes a must for all innovative companies pursuing the future.

Factors such as speed, quality, cost, efficiency and customer satisfaction has become important more than ever, making it  necessary to change management model.  Accordingly, companies are required to improve and change their businesses processes to manage these factors effectively.  This, in turn, led to increased need to information and communication.  To meet these requirements, businesses started to make use of ever changing and evolving information technologies.  One of the most efficient IT systems, commonly used worldwide has become Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).  ERP is a planning and communication system which integrates all functions of a company.

Enterprise Resource Planning enable a business to manage operations of many departments such as procurement, accounting, finance, quality management, inventory management, production planning, logistics, human resources, customer relations, sales and marketing in an integrated and inter-communicated manner. The key feature of ERP program is that it aims to ensure excellent integration among entire infrastructure requirements, internally and externally.  In the older and manual methods, even a very simple production order was requiring involvement of many people, circulation of sheer number of paper among departments, therefore leading to errors, waste of time, and inefficiencies.  With the coming of ERP systems, full integration has been maintained among these departments, eliminating communication gaps, while ensuring more eco-friendly system thanks to paper savings.  System also became faster, eliminating the efforts expended by personnel for simple works, enabling them to focus on more valuable works.  This finally stimulated the efficiency. 

The Best ERP Software

When you start looking for an ERP software, you will certainly face with many options.  If you are unsure which ERP software is better, you can compare and evaluate the different ERP system options on the basis of the criteria such as size of your business, definition of your needs, your need for integration capability.  Also, you can request a Demo and see the options live.  Our recommendation for you at this point will be the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central which is the most commonly used, flexible ERP that has advanced integration capabilities as well as can be shaped to adapt to your requirements.   


“Dynamics 365 Business Central offers you an ERP solution where you can arrange your daily thanks to save you time, money and disappointment.”