ERP Consultancy

ERP Consultancy

The most important source of the success in ERP projects is the experience of the consulting firm in this field. A good ERP consulting is directly related to the sufficiency of the corporate resources of the consulting firm. Thanks to our over 12 years of experience in Microsoft Dynamics products, at B2F, you are at the right address in ERP consultancy.

We have Microsoft Dynamics certification as a Microsoft gold partner, and develop projects that add value thanks to our experience in different industries.

What is the Scope of our ERP Consultancy Service?

We implement the Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution in your company and provide user training. We keep in touch with you to collect data from your company to integrate them to ERP software. We analyze business procedures of your company and offer the suitable solutions for required automations. We constantly keep you informed of industry-specific horizontal and vertical solutions of B2F. We review processes of your company, and hold application configuration meetings. We define creative business solutions to constantly improve methodology and approach of your company, and ensure the system adapt to you as your business needs evolve.

Who is an ERP Consultant?

Enterprise Resource Planning or, in short, ERP is an enterprise process management software enabling companies make use of the integrated applications that automate many functions such as finance, accounting, production, supply chain, service and human resources. ERP Consultant helps customers identify their needs in this field, develops values at the conception stage, performs system integrations, identifies resource needs and makes resource planning. In a nutshell, it provides guidance and support to companies for enterprise resource planning. ERP Consultant evaluates software needs of companies in different areas, and offers solutions that speak to each other, namely, can be integrated faster and easily. 

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