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ERP Support

Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution is of vital importance for the success of your business, productivity of your company and job performance of your personnel. It is important to have a high-quality support agreement for guaranteeing ERP software you purchased run seamlessly, fast and at the highest level of productivity. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or Navision ERP maintenance agreements help you optimize and protect your investment, and provide support to improve and scale-up your ERP solution.

Let’s take a glance at the following questions relating to ERP System you purchased. If you ask any of these questions yourself, it means that you cannot make most out of the existing ERP system, and need ERP support service.

1. Do you encounter spontaneous problems with your ERP system? And you have difficulty in solving these problems or think that you are losing time?

2. Do you need new functionalities in your ERP System?

3. Is your ERP software able to adapt evolving and changing company requirements?

4. Do you need a portal for ERP development requirements?

5. Is your existing ERP system have a state-of-the-art technical and technological infrastructure?

We transfer our experience in ERP Consultancy via our ERP support service. We support your existing ERP platform on a reportable system, at all your locations, following a “Web Portal” logic. 

We provide end-to-end support service through our professional and fast support team. As B2F, we provide our experience we gained thanks to countless projects we bright to life since our establishment through our “Support Service Packages” to solve the spontaneous problems in existing Microsoft Dynamics platforms of our customers.

B2F ERP Support platform answers the any requests of our clients in ERP development and system management with our service quality to the world standards.

Why Should I Procure B2F ERP Support Package?


Thanks to our ERP Support, “monitorable-measurable” support services we ensure our clients make most out of their Microsoft Dynamics investments.


We solve spontaneous problems quickly and dynamically. We help you avoid any potential error-originated delays.


We help you ensure business continuity. We provide support seamlessly observing the cost-effectiveness criteria.


With our web-based B2F Support System we have made available to our clients, we ensure you constantly access detailed information about status of your support tickets.


Do you know that you can prioritize the support tickets you created? You have opportunity to define your priority needs.


You can use our portal with multiple users. Thus, you do not need another personnel to submit your request.


It is possible to keep detailed track of the response time to the tickets created and time spent for the ticket.


We conduct online polls regularly for our clients who use our portal, and we constantly improve our service quality by giving due regard to your feedbacks. In a nutshell, we listen you.

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