Microsoft Dynamics Navision

Led by the digital transformation, business model has also profoundly changed. Ever-challenging competition, changing customer behaviors, increasing demands, and, above all, agility concept, has led companies to seek faster and flexible solutions more than ever. Looking at previous periods, the accounting, finance and HR processes of the companies were generally handled independent of the software systems, unable to communicate or co-work with other systems. What makes Modern ERP software different is its capability of integrating all these different departmental functions under one single and streamlined platform. Come and let’s look at Dynamics NAV, an ERP solution by Microsoft, closely.

What is Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

Dynamics NAV is an open-source, customizable and flexible enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions supporting small and medium-sized company in finance, production, CRM, supply chain and operations. Ms Dynamics NAV is an ERP software, preferred by more than 120.000 companies globally, and more than 400 companies in Turkey. Formerly known as Navision, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an industry-neutral ERP software. Let yourself make most of your business with our horizontal and vertical B2F solutions we built upon Dynamics NAV to meet specific needs of industries.

Well, then, why there is no information about Dynamics NAV on the website of Microsoft? Because Dynamics is rebranded and upgraded as Dynamics 365 Business Central in 2018!

What are the Dynamics NAV Installation Options?

Either server or cloud, you can use Dynamics NAV in both environment. Start now with number of modules and users you needed right now and scale it as your business needs grow and increase the number of users.

What are the Benefits of Dynamics NAV?

Modern ERP software support you have an edge over your competitors. The biggest convenience that your team may have while using Dynamics NAV is their familiarity with Microsoft products and work with a user-friendly interface in terms of user experience. Ms Dynamics NAV boosts productivity of your team, save their valuable time thanks to automatic and fast processes, freeing up their time to create more valuable outputs. Navision is a high-performance solution, enabling you finish your tasks in seconds. It also offers opportunities to improve your customer relations.

Finance Management

Manage your bank transactions faster and seamlessly. Work with different currency units. Manage your receivables and late payments.

Supply Chain Management

Monitor and manage all of your vendors in one single platform. Use the workflow sign-off processes designed for you, manage your stocks.

Sales and Marketing Management

Manage your leads and service contracts for prospects and existing customers. Analyze customer and sales data.

Project Management

Plan costs of your resources, and capacity and free yourself from the concerns of unplanned budgets for your project.

Human Resource Management

Manage HR processes of your personnel effectively.

Production Management

Improve the order and shipment planning needed for your production line.

Service Management

Meet the expectations of your customers at the highest level, and respond to calls faster.

Reporting Management

Get a consolidated view on your company through integrated reports from different data, make data-driven informed decisions.

Experience by yourself the possibilities.

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