On-Premises ERP Personnel

On-Premises ERP Personnel

Availability of an experienced project team is one of the building blocks for success of the ERP Projects, completion of the project within planned deadlines, and accomplishment of the efficient and high-performing value for the investment. As we have observed in most company, the problems such as delays in the project once purchased a ERP system, failure to make most of it, and failure to bring fast and flexible solutions to life may lead companies question if this investment is a waste of time, money and effort, and even sometimes undermine the success of IT departments.

In the management process of ERP projects, the purchaser and seller of the ERP system must work in harmony. Unavailability of sufficient resources for purchaser as well as lack of qualified personnel, or, if hiring personnel, being unsure of their qualifications, etc. leads companies outsource On-Premises ERP Personnel.

Being aware of these issues, we, as B2F, we provide opportunity to enjoy On-Premises ERP Personnel or, in other words, outsourcing in our projects. As a result, we make sure that the projects with our clients were executed as required, and avoid the potential problems.

Depending on the needs of our clients, we provide On-Premises ERP expert among our experienced and specialist staff, or namely, a freelance ERP Consultant for their long-running large projects. We support our clients complete their projects successfully by making use of our expert and experienced B2F team, without requiring any human resource investment.

What is the Scope of our On-Premises ERP Personnel Service?

Our B2F ERP Expert,

First of all, gets familiar with your company and operations of your company. Designs solutions to develop your ERP software.

Collects the feedbacks from end-users, and analyzes the problems.

Solves the infrastructure and database issues.

Configures and customizes your ERP software to integrate your ERP system with other systems in your company.

Acts as a system analyst.

Provides ERP implementation support to your team.

Submits project status report to your management team.

Works with operational teams, and improves processes.

Solves the errors found out as a result of product tests run by functional analysts.

Debugs the software errors of the products.

Conducts programmer test of the software he/she developed.

Performs and implements technical design of the modules for which functional specifications are prepared.

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