Process Consultancy

Process Consultancy

Companies, today, increasingly need consultants with expertise in the processes of a new project they will launch, from identification of needs to the search and implementation of a well-suited solution, from monitoring to the improvement of the results Companies should work with a process consultants for effective strategy creation, planning, setting the scene, budget management, searching well-suited solution, creation of action plans, and execution of the activities. With process consultancy service, we, as B2F, has contributed and continue to contribute added value to many companies.

Well, let’s look at together what you should expect of a process consultancy service, beginning by the definition of the process to clarify your need in this field.

What is a Process?

A set of works integrated to achieve a certain goal, foreseen to be performed in a planned time interval.

Who is a Process Consultant?

Process consultant is an expert and experienced person in the field, who reveals productive and foreseeably costly works and prevent project delays that may occur as a result of the laying and keeping up-to-date of the long-term systematic infrastructure of the companies. Process consultant reviews and evaluates working and processes of a company, identify the processes with congestion or delay, proposes improvements and developments and implements them. He/she simplifies the processes, designing a more streamlined and faster process.

Benefits of Process Management

Explore how any process works.

Re-design the poor performing processes and boost their performances.

Evaluate processes in terms of added value.

Identify priority processes.

Use your resources optimally.

Make data-driven managerial decisions.

Run your processes effectively and efficiently and improve them continuously.

Make your processes measurable, identifiable, repeatable and controllable.

Our Process Consultancy Service

In line with our goal to achieve the excellence we, as B2F do not approach your Microsoft Dynamics projects as mere ERP implementation, instead, an opportunity to review, document and re-model the business processes. To this end, we closely scrutinizes the process and sub-processes using own language and terminology of our customers through our team comprised of experts experienced in industry and ERP for over 12 years. At this stage which lasts up to 2 months and no software details are discussed, we carry out works in collaboration with top and middle management of our clients. We are defining process scope of the ERP, CRM and similar projects they aim at. We facilitate our clients launch the project by taking right steps.

As part of the process consulting, we ensure identify the expectations of top and middle management who does not directly involve in the future ERP implementations that may take months, and identify the expectations and main goals before proceeding to technical matters. As a result, we ensure improved processes and deliver projects that add value, instead of mere project deliverables consisting of expectations of basic users.

Why Should I Procure Process Consultancy?

  • Identify the congested and delayed process points.
  • Simplify your processes.
  • Avoid costs that may arise due to erroneous process management.
  • Boost your competitive advantage.
  • Manage your resources accurately.
  • Improve your workflows.
  • Make your successes sustainable.
  • Free your process from individual dependency.
  • Increase your productivity. - Boost your performance.
  • Be agile, fast and flexible.
  • Increase internal and external customer satisfaction.
  • Avoid lost times that may arise due to erroneous process management.

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